The Phalaenopsis is an elegant, strong and exclusive flower. Be inspired by the many possibilities.

The right care for the Phalaenopsis

For trade


Move and store the cut-Phalaenopsis between 5–12°C. Durability gets shortened with higher or lower temperatures.


Fruit produces ethylene to ripe, but this gas damages the Phalaenopsis. Therefore, it is forbidden to transport the cut-Phalaenopsis in combination with fruit.


The cut-Phalaenopsis can be transported in a long, flat and rectangular box. During transport, the flower needs to lay flat and never upside down.


The cut-Phalaenopsis also does not like direct and bright sunlight, this harms the colours of the flower.

Retail & clients

Draught & sunlight

The Phalaenopsis doesn’t like draught, so do not place the flower in a hallway or near an entrance or exit. The window sill is also a bad place, as direct sunlight damages the colour of the Phalaenopsis.

Cut obliquely & lukewarm water

After receiving the cut-Phalaenopsis, we advise you to get the branches out of the box and out of their containment bottles. You can cut the branches obliquely and place them in lukewarm water. Repeat these steps every five days to lengthen de durability of the flowers.

Use of oasis

If you want to use the cut-Phalaenopsis in combination with oasis, please make sure that the oasis is saturated with water before you stick the branches in.