About Ichtus Flowers

Reliable, serviceable and innovative grower
of the cut-Phalaenopsis.

About Ichtus Flowers

Our nursery garden

Ichtus Flowers was founded in 1995 and since that moment, we have been busy with carefully growing and transporting cut-Anthuriums, cut-Phalaenopsis and the potted Anthurium. The cut-Phalaenopsis was the reason that Ichtus Flowers could grow to become the leader of the cut-Phalaenopsis market.


Nursery Ichtus was founded in 1995 by Danier van der Spek at the Van Hasseltweg in Moerkapelle. He started with growing cut-Anthurium and after five years he gets joined by Bas Boevée and 6.000m² extra space for growing the cut-Anthurium.


The cut-Phalaenopsis was added to our assortment in 2003, together with 4.000m² of extra space in the glass house. The so-called ‘butterfly-orchid’ is a big success and two years later, they double the number of square meters for this flower.

New nursery

A brand-new nursery was built in 2007 at the Abraham Kroesweg in Waddinxveen, with 44.000m² of available surface. In 2010 Pieter Lips joins the board of Ichtus Flowers. In the last couple of years Ichtus Flowers was able to use 24.000m² for the growing of the cut-Phalaenopsis, while the rest of the space still gets used for the cut-Anthurium.


Ichtus Flowers operation guidelines are based upon Christian values. We express these values in our open and involved way of working with colleagues, customers and other third parties.


We also try to innovate the way we do business. To keep our position in the market, we pay close attention to new grow techniques or ways of packaging to see if we can incorporate those new techniques in our day-to-day business.


You can also see these qualities in the way we put together our assortment. We are constantly looking for different and beautiful flowers. We pay extra attention to colour, durability and the way a branch is built as criteria for adding new varieties to our assortment. Our high level of commitment and care comes to the foreground in all the aspects of our business.


Corporate Responsibility

As a company with Christian values we do not only take care of our Phalaenopsis, but also the way we cultivate our plants. Whenever we take action we operate in a responsible and conscious manner. We maintain a critical view on our production process as we actively search for possible methods to improve the sustainability of agriculture.

Water reuse

Water is crucial for the cultivation of high quality Phalaenopsis and therefore, we use it consciously. All consumed water for cultivation of our orchids is being recycled. This process decreases the water usage and therefore decreases the amount of fertilizers that end up in surface water.

Integrated dispute

We do anything to keep our Phalaenopsis as healthy as possible. However, it is possible that our plants get infected with diseases or plagues. In that case, we make exclusively use of organic pesticides. We also carefully separate and recycle our waste.

Economical with energy

The right temperature is essential in order to cultivate the Phalaenopsis. We have a greenhouse surface area of 44,000 m2 which means that a lot of power is needed to generate the optimal temperature.

In order to heat up our greenhouses we make use of cogeneration, a special fuel saving technique used for large buildings that require both heat and power. Generated heat will be used to heat up our greenhouses and to produce power for own use as well as for the general electricity grid.

Sustainability Certificate

We greatly support sustainable flower farming and for this reason we are part of the label Milieu Plan Sierteelt (MPS-ProductProof). All data of our power usage, pesticides, fertilizers, and water usage is registered and controlled. We are certified with an A level qualification, the highest qualification within our discipline.

We are always looking for special varieties that set us apart.
Pieter Lips, CEO