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No wallflower

The Phalaenopsis belongs to the rich family of the orchids. There are more than 60 different varieties in the world, but none as pretty as the Phalaenopsis.

The natural habitat of the ‘butterfly-orchid’ – called this way because of the similarities with a butterfly – is the tropical rainforest of Asia, New Guinea and Australia. Ichtus Flowers takes pride in making sure that this colourful and stylish flower can be found in hotels, wedding parties and countless events all over the world.


Growing & cutting

From plant to flower

The production of the cut-Phalaenopsis is a lengthy process, as there are 36 weeks between the moments of harvesting. For the first ten weeks, the plants are kept in a warmer environment of 28°C so the plant can grow strong and more resilient.

Passion & Craftsmanship

After that, the plants are brought to a colder environment of 19 – 20 °C where they stay for five or six weeks. This sudden drop in temperature stimulates the induction of the flower branches and as soon as the new branches are visible, the plants are transported to an environment of 21 - 23°C. This is the final step in the process and the plants remain here for 18 to 20 weeks. When all the flower buds have opened, the branches are ready to be harvested.

To guarantee the quality that our clients have become accustomed to, we accurately monitor this process and handpick each flower. All our unique varieties are treated with the right amount of love and professional knowledge.

Our secret? We are completely in love with this magnificent flower.
Pieter Lips, CEO

Reliable & serviceable

Ichtus Flowers has a name to uphold as the leader of the cut-Phalaenopsis market. Our unique and exclusive assortment goes a long way, but the real difference gets made by our efforts to always put the client first.

Our clients are the main reason that we could grow as a company over the last few years. That is why we make it our priority to get to know our clients, to honour our agreements and to go the extra mile when possible.

More on Ichtus Flowers

Cultivated perfection

Ichtus Flowers grows more than sixteen different varieties of the cut-Phalaenopsis, each with its own unique and graceful colour and appearance.

Description of color

Size of flowers

Size of branch

Amount of flowers

Dark purple
10-12 cm
35-80 cm
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Dark red
7-9 cm
25-65 cm
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The Phalaenopsis is a perfect fit for exclusive flower arrangements.